To order is to Human, To deliver is to FOODPANDA

Happiness rarely keeps company with an empty stomach. –Helen Keller

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A hungry stomach doesn’t always make a happy thought or day, but a stomach filled with a delicious food would surely make one. That’s the secret of a happy delicious food.  But happy food doesn’t make memories, the food which is savoured when hunger strikes and which is sweet and delicious to the mind makes memories and stays in our taste buds forever.

Many of us love to eat foods which please our taste buds and senses transporting us to a dreamland, but most are cautious and select, eat only healthy green foods. Controlling one’s taste buds is also important on the whole as unhealthy foods and irregular food patterns will lead us to health hazards.

For every season we would like to eat a particular type of food. But some kind of foods can be savoured or will be fan favourites for all season. Here is my summer experience on using FoodPanda App.

Chicken Tandoori
Chicken Tandoori from Nalaas Aappakadai

It was a mundane where I had my works overloaded and I remembered that I had promised my friend for a lunch outside in any hotels. But due to time constraints I was bewildered where to choose and what to eat. Also my locale is filled with loads of eateries, hotels and restaurants. So the thought I would ask for a suggestion would end in a long list of hotels. Sudden thought stroke me when I glanced at my mobile and saw the FoodPAnda app. I had once used it earlier and was easing to order it. So Now I got the second chance of using it. The app provided me with hordes of hotels and restaurants in my locale minimizing my working of choosing a best hotel within my budget. It has the prices of the dishes too (That’s Sweet FoodPanda). So I choose three different items for me and my friend and here is the list:

Biryani 1
Briyani from Nalaas Aappakadai

I chose Nala’s Appakadai in my locale which contained the necessary food items. I am great fan of Chicken Biryani’s , so my choice was apt. For me “LIFE IS A COMBINATION OF MAGIC AL LOVE AND BIRIYANI”.The love for it cannot be quenched with another food. The Mughals may have spread it in India and thanks to them for it because it is my saviour many times.

Chicken Chetinad
Chicken Chettinad from Nalaas Aappakadai

And I ordered Aapam my friend’s favourite dish from his area where he hails from and a chicken chettinad along with it. Aapam is a favorite dish for the South Indians in Tamilnadu basically and with a chicken or mutton curry it would be a delicious pair making them the best in the world.

And to finish the dish we had ordered for a Tandoori Chicken which will be a finisher along with coke.

The belly rules the mind. ~Spanish Proverb

The order was over and I received a text message from FoodPanda that my order was confirmed and I will receive a message from Nalas Aapakadai. Then started my panic when my friend arrived and asked me where we shall go for lunch, waiting for my answer enthusiastically. I rather said him to wait for some time giving him the coke which I had. In the meantime within minutes my order was confirmed from Nalas Aapakadai and they were confirming the address and my order.

My friend went for a lil walk nearby to get some Coke and meanwhile within ten minutes the food arrived from the hotel. My friend on return was surprised to have this and he made sure to savor all the food in a short while. Our joy knew no bonds when the last piece of the chicken was to be fought with great effort to savor it.

A recipe has no soul. You, as the cook, must bring soul to the recipe. ~Thomas Keller

The recipe has nothing to do with the taste rather it is the cook that brings the desired taste to it. It is the base message that’s been given in the film “Ustad Hotel” and the main character Ummar Ikka  portrays,

“Any food can satisfy a stomach but only a tasteful food satisfies both the stomach and mind”

Voila!! That was a superb experience for us and Thank You FoodPanda for such quicker services and making bachelor’s life a happy one.


They also provide with us with lot of offers which is high in their APP. So , why miss that precious offers , Do try

FOODPANDA or use the link

With Love for Food ,



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