INDIA on my platter – Book Review

Book review

The things which always makes us happy are Travelling and eating food. You will be never get bored on these two things , if you really enjoy it. I love a lot to travel and eat good food.

India On My Platter is a combination of travel , food , stories , culture , food habits of each state and overall travelling through many states and places in it within 100 days. You have to believe , I only know Sanjeev kapoor and Vikhas Khanna as the greatest chefs in India. Later on reading this book , I came to know that , I have been unaware of the cook , Saransh Goila , the winner of ” India Ka Chef “.

That was indeed a great achievement. On seeing his timeline through years , he attained a state where he achieved a life what he wished. Everyone will not get to witness this achievement in life.

Saransh Goila gives you a visual treat to your mind about the various foods and their making with the recipes. All over the travel he interacts with the people in the place and learn the recipes which they cook , as well as cooking a special dish for them too. In the book , the recipes name was well described with every thing in detail. If the dish has a different name he uses to describe it for better understanding , who don’t that recipes.

The part which I like the most was , he travelled around the states on road. The book also has a religious touch to it , as the author visits certain places like Golden temple , Iskon temple , Monastery and other temples. At Golden temple he asks the cook , how does the food is good all the time and the reply was , It is being served to feed the devotees of God and they can never go wrong.

Well I will suggest this book to a foodie and also an avid traveller, also who wish to try new dishes if you really want to become a nominal cook with good dishes. The dishes explained in this are very different with their names , Yet you can make a try , but be sure you have a good cooking exposure before.

The language is simple , so everyone can give a try. If you wish to read a book which involves , travel , food, religious destinations, culture of various states in India, the behaviour of people , the climate and all the best places to eat if you visit a place, You have to read , ” India on my platter “.

I’m not a cook. But i was truly fascinated to read this, and also I love to travel a lot, which kept on to read this book till the end.

Details About the Book :

Book Title              : India On My Platter

Author                    : Saransh Goila

Genre                     : Travelogue

Publisher                : Om Books international

ISBN -10                  : 9383292941

Number of Pages  : 336 Pages

Publication Year    : 2015

Source                     : Flipkart Book review

Rating                      :

Link to buy the book : 

Flipkart : India On My Platter

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