There’s something about you – Book Review

Book reviewThere’s something about you is a love story based novel which has twists and turns and mostly not predictable line of story telling. This is not really a normal love story because it is extra ordinary. The great part this book has is the , the reader will definitely have a character who the reader can relate in his/her life. There will always be a advising neighbour , strict mother and father and a person who unknowingly comes into our life. There’s something about you have every aspect of the above said in the story.The life of corporate and match boxed apartment , a caring neighbour , the firing from office, these moves the story in every part of the story. The author plays a clever play with the characters with sudden twists. While on reading if we think that these things would happen in the next part , it would be very disappointing the author would have made a different scenario for the same which we have thought and it’s quite interesting. IMG_20150718_125913 Coming to the plot , trish is the main character who plays a vital role in the story. She is single and a content writer and contended with a low profile even though she is capable of more higher position. She is overweight and thinks she doesn’t looks good. She lives in a matchbox house and suddenly she was fired from the company one day. The happenings after that moves the story in a more captivating and more interesting one. She meets Sahil who wants Trish and sahil is a tech geek of nearing 35 years. The aftermath of the fast moving story is a fine one. The author discusses various problems like jobless situation , love , relationships, neighbourhood problems,Alzheimer , father-mother-daughter relationships in a different perspective. I will suggest you this book , if you are a reader who loves to read love based stories and a story relating to the jobless situation of a girl in the 20’s. You also should read this book if you are a ardent reader of Yashodhara Lal.

Details of the book :

Title              : There’s Something About You Author         : Yashodhara Lal Publisher     : Harper Collins ISBN-13        : 9789351771999 Rating           : 4 out of 5

Links to the book : 

Flipkart : There’s something about you

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