Odour unwrapped during a fine travel

Everyone will have felt bad odour or smell frequently or at times probably during travel. Mostly travelling people will surely have their experience towards the above said in their journey atleast once. I have even wondered why this haven’t changed over the time , when many advancements have come.

I have also been a victim of the bad odour during a journey in a AC bus from Coimbatore to Chennai. Bus travel was always the best moments when we go with our friends and it will also be a memorable one at all times.

We are a group of six friends who had been selected for a tech event to be held at the prestigious Saarang event at IIT Madras. We are all so excited but the excitement level was decreased because we have been unlucky to get tickets from the tatkal process from the famous IRCTC website.We also had a few previous bad experiences with the general coach travel.

So we thought of travelling by bus , and have booked tickets for all the six in a private bus flyig till Chennai. The bad experience started when we boarded the bus. Due to some unavoidable circumstances one of my friend couldn’t come and others have made the journey. One have to share his adjacent seat with someone. That poor guy was me and I was fortunate to get a young guy near me. I was so happy and I haven’t experience any unfortunate things. We five friends didn’t sleep as we have mind our mind not to sleep during the journey but to talk. It was a new experience for me , as I’m a person who would eventually sleep whenever the bus have started.

To my astonishment , the guy next to me started sleeping after the bus made a move from the omni bus stand in Coimbatore. It rained heavily and also as it was a AC bus we cannot see the rainfall through the window. After sometime , one of my friend told us he was experiencing a bad odour.

I thought it would go off since it was not toohigh. Over the time , since it was a closed environment , the bad odour smell have spread all the bus. Everyone was feeling strange from where it came. It was so bad that we still have almost 75% of the travel remaining. One of my friend later found it was from the back seats. Intially i found it was a bad odour from some person.Then we found that someone have stepped on some bad odour thing and boarded the bus. The smell have made it to the peak level and I took doedrant from my friends bag and sprayed at the exit spot of AC vent on all ours. Then bad odour has decreased and to my surprise everyone used different deodorants above their AC vents.

This moment the fresh and different good odour deodorants have a mixed smells and it was really bad now. We encountered a difficult situation as good smell have mixed to make us think really bad. So we five have decided to exit the seats and go to the cabin to get fresh air. The drive brother was excited to have a good company and spoke really well. He also added that he doesn’t have that kind of situation at times and laughed.

I was at my high of the amusement level because the guy near me have slept and have never experienced it. When all the others were not comfortable , he was at his good sleep. This was one hell of a good smell which became disgusting during the travel along with a bad odour at first. The travel was unforgettable for night long chat with friends.

I am sharing my odour story for the ‘My Nose Knows’ contest as a part of the #SniffSniffactivity at BlogAdda.

With love,



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