If you play – Life will be a Jinga laala

“I’m blogging about why children should be encouraged to participate in sports from an early age for the #chotaSportstar activity at http://www.sport365.in/C.”

Playing – The most desired word that would lead a child into the world of delight and exuberance. The mere word is enough to bring thousand years of happiness within them. But that word has been the most hateful one among the parents in India. But there is a necessity that everyone must play until their time.


All children love to play. Everyone begins to play from the day they are born – we play with our mother smiling at her after we are born. Then comes the toddler stage where we feel contented playing the toys and our parents feel safer in keeping us away from harms. Once we attain the stage of walking on our own we begin playing at the school parks or the nearby parks playing see-saws, swings, etc., Life was very much happier and we felt serene in securing our place in a swing. Every child would have pleaded to their parents, brothers, friends to move the swing to gain the initial thrust. Children would be on their ne ultra plus of happiness. Then as we grow and the knowledge of other games came into us we begin to chose a sport or play multiple sport. In India it’s mostly Cricket. Thanks to World Cup 1983 team, Sachin Tendulkar, IPL and the Television channels which were the most important reasons for the gripping of the sport in every child’s heart. Ocassionally during Football World Cups and the other sports important events, these sports can be seen fetching interest among children. Not to blame them but cricket has occupied an indelible position in the hearts of millions of children. Only some parents allow their child for sports related activities, while most of the population is opposite to playing sports fearing for their child’s future and their scoring if marks to be precise.

“Make hay while the sun shine” says the world famous proverb. It’s the duty of the parents to make sure that their child is healthy and studious. Sports and Playing is not a time wasting process.

Sports & Playing doesn’t always mean wasting of time that could be used for studying.  Sports teaches many valuable lessons to the children. A child can learn to built a good rapport with other children by playing in a team. He develops the skill of co-ordination and the necessity of understanding others while playing in a team. He uses his talent in maintaining the order of the team, understanding the other player’s mind and leads his side to the spot of victory if he is the Captain. He usually works hard for the betterment of his team and also his individual performance.

Whether the match results in his favour or against him , he gets used to it and always try to give a good try and a better match in developing his skills rather than succumbing to the defeat sitting in a corner and crying. He is well disciplined and abides by the rules of the game. He heard to the advice of the coach and acts according to his suggestions and developing his mental skills.

During a great match infront of many people he doesn’t feel shy and eventhough his heart feels the urge and the pressure of the crowd, he plays sensibly so that he can lead and win. A kid playing sport can be confident and calm and capable of controlling his mind rather than thinking unnecessary things.

The word “FEAR” is almost erased from the players dictionary as they would have faced far worse matches and they can have the same approach in life also. Playing also helps kids in maintaining their health conditions. A good play with a lot of sweat daily is enough rather than making our child drink tumblers of some chemical nourishments.

Nowadays Playstations and video games have occupied the places of sport and playing. They are a serious threat ti physical sports which only worsens the children’s health and makes them addicted to violence games . As a dutiful parent, everyone must make sure their child plays an outdoor game atleast a hour a day to maintain good health of them. The joy of hearing your child say that he hit a sixer like Sachin or kick a goal like Messi would make them go beyond joy rather their child saying I finished a level in video game. So make your child life a jinga laala.

With Love,



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