The House That BJ Built

The House that BJ Built

Book Name : The House That BJ built

Author : Anuja Chauhan

Publisher : Westland

ISBN-10  : 9385152181

ISBN-13 : 9789385152184

Type : Ficiton

Language : English

Source : Publisher

Rating :4/5

The House That BJ Built – a sequel to the previous book of Anuja Chauhan “Those Pricey Thakur Girls” is a fun book to read. The plot deals with the Thakur family’s younger generation after 20 years from “TPTG”. BJ who is at his death bed get assurance from Samar Vir Singh to sell the ancestral house 16, Hailey Road located in Central Delhi. This causes a dispute among the family members and the house sale is at stake due to the disputes. How Samar Vir Singh and Bonita clears all the disputes and how the family unites because of it forms the crux of the story.

This book written in Indian english for most of the parts is sure to amaze the readers and let them relate to the english spoken by fellow surrounding people. The charters within the story are neatly woven and the author has given a clean and neat description about each and every character mentioned in the story that makes the readers go in awe.

The story moves from place to place engaging the readers to follow the story and builds the suspense until the climax. Of all these characters Bonita Singh Rajawat character must have impressed all the readers. The power of women and their entrepreneurship skills all are shown via her character. She is bold, intelligent and makes her own decisions, helps her co-workers, feels for the family in the house which is to be losing their place which makes her the most favorite character in this book.

Readers can relate to every character and the writing is quite simple to be understood by all and there is no difficulty in understanding the plot either. This would make every reader to suggest the book even to new readers through which the author can gain a large fan base. The story doesn’t bore us in any ways rather it builds the suspense till the end and Anuja Chauhan is at her best.

Those who have read Anuja’s earlier works will like this even more and the new readers will grab those old works and read. That’s the magic of this book.

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