The Case Files of P.I. Pojo: The Killing of Mr Heathcote

John Corlos

Title: The Case Files of P.I. Pojo: The Killing of Mr Heathcote

Author: Meghna Singhee 

Publisher: Penguin India 
ISBN: 978-0-143-33345-6
Genre:  Mystery / Thriller 
Pages: 204 
                                                      Rating: 3.5/5                                                                                                                                                                       

The cover itself makes ourselves to think that its a dark gloomy story but guess what this books gave me more than what I expected. The story is simple that a precocious boy Pratap Pande (aka) Pojo is a son of creative – detective parents who has inherited the talent and developed his interests over solving cases. He uses that solving skills and enhance them by solving the famous Heathcote International case : The Killing of Mr. Heathcote. The striking tale where the author has taken us through the journey around the nook and corners of Heathcote International and makes us experience us with several engaging plots. The sidekicks Radha Rao and Pops seemed to have add varied flavor with their own way acting as Watson’s to the Sherlock Pojo.

Everyone who had studied in a hostel can relate this story with theirs and the author has succeeded in bringing back the readers nostalgic memories of their own past about their hostels and the environments, mascots, rivalry football matches, etc., The writing has been flawless and awe-inspiring  that no where we feel the urge to let the book down. The book is in simple English and can be read in a single sit and the elements the plot contains and twists that holds the climax makes the book a neat read.

I expect a sequel soon from Meghna Singhee as debut book has done a good job and the readers would sure expect more.  Hope the author has a sequel in the cards.

Source : Flipkart Review Program


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