My Airtel – Transformation from *123# to a click on the App

Time changes from period to period and in the due course the way we use also changes. The ultimate usage have conquered the smartphone’s usage and everything became the app way in the recent days. Everything have a special day for their release and many apps have eradicated the manual processes and goes the digital way.

My Airtel
My Airtel

Whenever a new app comes into existence , the manual ways slowly gets forgotten and moreover this makes the life easy with the click of a touch. Every human on earth goes for the smartphone as the dial pad is presently rare to see. So Dialling a number to get the necessary details is a nightmare to the users.

To resolve that prospect from the cons in that area, airtel introduces a new app for the users with the integration of many facilities with the click of a touch.

Once there was time when we have to go for the recharge retailer to get to know about the offers, recharge amount and full talk time offers. Later on there was a turn over of situations where the mobile recharge sites cam as a saviour to many users , saving their time.

With the release of MY AIRTEL , the company wants to integrate all the user needs into a single window through which they benefit the most. It has a restriction of only Airtel users where they can manage all the services through the handsets. These things added with the recharge offers exclusive to the users according to their usage.


The way the app is designed is in such a way is as simple as it is. The UX/UI , tells about the minimal way that every user can understand everything easily without any lessons for it. The easy understanding with the 1st usage tells the success of the app in the future. The app scores in this section in the first and gets every mark for it.


Even the app provides a way to give the most used feature at the first , prompting the user not to search for the less needed ones. Understanding the user view is first important and the app scores in that too. The short cut was a real feature with this I WANT TO.

You can make shortcuts of

  • Bill payments
  • Recharge
  • Buy packs
  • Record a program
  • Order games
  • View balance
  • Data consumed
  • Check recharge history


When users use a app , they will definitely look for many offers , as in this competitive world many such sites offers many offers to bring users to use their apps. Likewise MY AIRTEL has a service called AIRTEL SURPRISES and you will not believe there are many rewards showered upon the users when they make use of the app in the perfect way.

When a recharge is made , the users can be benefited “Airtel Surprises ” coupons which the users can use in various e-eCommerce sites for their shopping. When you get coupons for your recharges why can’t you recharge through that. You can redeem these coupons across categories like shopping, food, wellness, entertainment.Popular brands like PVR Cinemas, Café Coffee Day,,,, Archies, VLCC, among others.


The other thing which user will watch will be the payment method and whether it is safe or not is of much importance. Airtel gives much importance to this section and takes care of the payment securely through their secured payment gateways.

Recharging your mobile or DTH and paying your postpaid or fixed line bills now made easy with

  • PCIDSS certification
  • Store card details for a faster checkout
  • A friendly and intuitive interface
  • Real time bill tracking
  • A personalized user experience

There was a time when speaking to customer care was a hectic job and the users will be frusturated to wait for the time being. The delay would never happen again as the app itself have the way to find what are the services you have alocated and , you are usinbg and if you dont’ wish to continue with a ongoing servoice you can cancel that service with the touch of a click on the app. No more fight with the customer care executives is needed.

I had a lot of expectations from the app and the app fulfilled every expectations from it and moreover , I can say it as the good one.

The My Airtel app can be downloaded from  or Airtel


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