Ek Nayi League – What is this all about

We have seen Kapi Dev as a batsman , fielder, great bowler and good cricketer in the field. After his retirement, he was a good commentator and speaks good fatafati english in commentary. When I first saw the post about Ek Nayi league , I was puzzled what it would be.

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 Image source

I don’t even have the wildest guess of what it would be , but when people fails to get the thing , they staright away go to google to ask help. I was also one among the person who googled the Ek Nayi League to know about it. To my fascination , there was a webstite regarding the same and it had nothing but the videos of the great and mighty Kapi Dev speaking in Hindi. That was a great setback to know about the league.

Somehow I was able to know more about that. There was twitter page about it and soon i clicked on the twitter page. There was a contest held based on the question what is the league about. There were many suggestions and I was still not clear what it was. The guesses were probably revolved around cricket , quiz and many things.

I was still amused to know what is it , but to my dismay I didn’t get it. The thing which comes to mind during this write up is take your own guess.

Later on I came across a thread stating why it can’t be a cricketing quiz. I feathered my thinking ability about how this league should be and what would be the prizes. Then I thought , why it should be necessarily a quizzing event about quiz.

Then a thought stroked my mind to think in a different dialect and  I again was involved in the thought process of imagining what this would be.

Various type of ideas came and vanished and I was distinguishing between them and was prioritizing it along the capability it would have , when Kapil Dev hosts it.

After a long thinking time and thought process, I later finalized it might be a trading league based on stocks. Then I had a chance of seeing that through the website mentioned and I saw kapil there and was astonished to relate him with that kind of a game.

My mind was still not believing and even I saw the date and time , to realize that is it is today or some day in the near future. To all the astonishment , one can never relate Kapil with such a thing. Real amusement was still in my minds and I cannot think how could it will be with Kapil Dev.

He witnessed the captaincy and also has been in the chair leading many things , Why not a trading thing.

He will be for sure give a different perspective to the league which is going to be started. I canno’t wait to witness the great event. Until Then just wait for the Kapil we saw and keep thinking about it.

If you want to know more about it : check Ek Nayi League

With Thinking ,



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