2015 – The ERA of SMARTPHONE Applications

Life was better in the olden days and it was made much better in the days after that, due to the introduction of various e-commerce portals. People love to share something which they love like taking selfies and sharing it in Whatsapp, Instagram and in social media sites like facebook, twitter. They even share the happiness or their information’s through various apps.

Myntra 1

E-commerce sites emerged the “King of Customers “ in the meantime. People were put in their comfort zone where many alternatives were present for them to buy, instead of going to a shop to buy. E-commerce sites made the shopping easier with the “Click of a purchase”. People wanted the easy way to buy things and E-commerce sites were the real savior for their time and wish.

WEBSITES – The initial path to their success

The E-commerce giants used their websites to sell their products and eventually when applications in the smartphones became popular, they were pushed to situation where they should also go by the application way.

So every E-commerce site in a hurry released the mobile apps for various platforms of smartphones to android,iOS,windows,Blackberry and java. Initially the apps were like a pass by to the customers. Later on they became the “Master of the Trade.

APPS – The Master of E-commerce Trade

I will take the example of Myntra.com as my example and proceed with the further argument. You may have a question why I chose Myntra.com. Myntra.com was the first in the industry to introduce the Go by Mobile APP way, recently followed by the Flipkart.

Myntra 3

The amusement came when I heard the news first and also the date was near in the future. Myntra.com will go by the App and the mobile site and the website will be closed was a real surprise to many of the users.


The 5 Reasons to go by the APP way and how it will benefit the people:


Your purchase can be made anywhere with the help of your smartphone and you will be hassle free to use it. You are no longer restricted to use your desktop and laptops to buy the products which you like. While you are travelling if you witness any brands which are new, you can buy it immediately, which is faster in response and I think it’s a advantage too.


If you are in state to buy your favorite brand, you can easily buy it with the search option. It saves your time. You may have a question; it will be great to see more number of products in the desktop than in a mobile app. My answer to that will be, you will have the same amount of products to be viewed even in a Mobile APP. So no difference and app makes the life easier, so why not go with that.


The statistics say that there are more mobile phones in the world, especially smartphones than tooth brush. I would connect it as there are more smartphones than desktops and laptops combined. Also in the user point of view APP going will be easy, because the usage of smartphones have become a mandatory in this era. So, probably why spend some time to switch on the laptop/desktop, waiting for some 3-4 minutes and still wait for the browser to open.

The level of happiness a user gets is fast process with a one touch experience in the smartphones.


In olden days people will boast about the movies and about their promotions. Now the trend has changed a lot and even people are fancy about the minimal posters and teasers before the film gets released. So why not this can’t be applied in the minimal way for mobile apps too. According to the statistics, more traffic was there at the pp rather than the mobile and desktop website. Myntra.com received 80% of their orders from the users in the APPS only during the recent days.


The last thing would be APP exclusive offers which users get during every weekend of the week. Why buy a product from the website which doesn’t have offer. Go for the APP way when you get benefits out of it.

Myntra 5

These are the things which I would like to convey about the APP part. When the Whatsapp was introduced even the inventor wouldn’t have predicted that it may branch out this much and became the most sought one. Let us trust the same happens with the mobile APP segment too. #ItsPersonal

With Love,



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