Everything in me will celebrate -Joy & Happiness

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The word celebrate would always remind me of the meaning specified in a dictionary which says , it is an ” event of publicly acknowledging some events with a social gathering “. It may even be depicted as a activity based on our wins or due to a religious activity or national holidays. Celebrations were made holiday centric nowadays and that is the truth we should all acknowledge.

When you ask someone , when did your last celebration happened? , they would probably share their last best moments happened due to a victory or a recent achievement. I think Celebrations were always a event of some big achievements and we want to share it with the mass crowds and proclaimed that we have achieved something. But turn the pages of your past , you would have many things to celebrate for ,but hesitated to celebrate that moment of glory because of the fear that the others will never recognisze that as a moment of glory to celebrate.

The maim fear of not celebrating the small things in our life is the fear for others. I would like to share some of the events which I would celebrate on a daily basis ,if I come across those situations in my life , at that point of time.

Events which will make me to celebrate daily

Forgiving others for their activities

When you find that others have made some mistakes , we will either do two things , fight with them or forgive them. In the event of forgiving them we can celebrate. We will loose nothing on forgiving them, rather than gain peace of mind and their love towards us too increases. On self motivating myself When i’m out of mind and in a serious thought of how this day will go ? , Self confidence is the one that keeps everyone motivating to move forward in every state of their life. Why not celebrate that wonderful moment. Let’s celebrate. On helping a human in need Let’s take a situation like this ,you are waiting for a bus to arrive and when some school children are waiting to cross the roads and are standing there due to a heavy traffic. You go and help them to cross the toads. A big achievement it is. So why not celebrate that moment of help you have done for others. So let’s celebrate.

When I keep my promise alive

This is the very toughest moment in everyone’s life. We still try to keep up our words alive but due to some drastic situations we would not be able to do so.Turn the sides , when you keep up the words ,you promised, it is a moment of glory right. So let’s celebrate that. When your plans come alive.

Come lets celebrate that.

When I help others

We will do a helping process , even once in a day, we don’t remember or we will not think that as a great thing yo celebrate.

Come let’s celebrate that.

When you finish your work

Everyone will find it difficult to finish a day process of work. But in the event of finishing that everyone will have a big relief and they will not think of enjoying that , on the reverse side this will become an enjoyment only if it was a weekend approaching time.

Come let’s celebrate that.

When You receive a message or call from a friend unheard

We will have a friend who will call on a busy day and tell that he was his best friend during childhood and tell all the incidents of occurencs and we will eventually remember that he was the one. It will be a great moment of enjoyment and to celebrate , but usually we dont .

Come let’s celebrate that.

When you bring smile πŸ™‚ on others face

If you tell a joke to somebody and if they smile and you have made the biggest achivement of making someone happy for some raesona for a shorter time. You should be round of that.

Come let’s celebrate that.

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Other than that celebrations we have small things of act

Finishing a book after a long time.

Coffee break with our special ones.

Morning newspaper reading with a lovely coffee.

Spending time with your lovable pets

Making your house clean and perfect ( smile ).

Watching a boring television show with your lived ones , having a laugh.

Enjoying nature’s abundance.

Everyday wishes to others through message or WhatsApp.

And finally if you wish to celebrate for a one last thing , appreciate someone for his work.If you still find something great to celebrate dont hesitate to celebrate. Celebrate everyday , live a long life , be happy always.

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With Celebrating Love,



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