Waiting Room – The place of different emotions

The city was burning with flames and there were smokes covering the whole sky and it looked like as if the smoke have devoured the sky. The cry of the soldiers were heard and the sound of the battle still flows into the ears of every human who were residing in the city.

I don’t speak the native language. I only have the adequate knowledge of English and know some other languages like german, and a little french. I know these much languages because , I had been in a terrific situation to learn it , otherwise my day to day activities will not go smooth. Even though English is spoken predominantly in many places , people love to speak their native languages.

It was monday and it doesn’t seems to be like that. The place where we have stayed before were announced as places near war zones , So we were told to evacuate the house and told to go to a safe place. So we came to this place and even here the mess of the war was same and it made no difference between the previous stay and the present.

A commanding voice was heard outside our house with huge shouts. The voice was clear and i thought it should have come nearer. I was alone and I saw my door was beaten with a great force by someone from the outside. I was puzzled whether to open it or leave it unto them by breaking it by their force.

In some moments , I saw my door’s house was smashed into pieces and some soldiers from the army came inside. He was shouting at me in the native language (perhaps). I was unable to grab the content of what hey are saying.

They still were asking something to me and i was still unable to understand it. One of the soldier with a gun pointing towards me cam near me and enquired ” Do you speak English ?”.

I saw in face that he demanded an answer and to that i replied “Yes”.

He was not surprised with what I have told him and he gave me weird look and told another soldier who was standing near him something in Russian. The commando opened fire all over the house. I was still unable to locate the notion of their thoughts , yet i assumed they have decided to kill me.

The commando came near me and asked with his gun on my face , ” Do you wish to live?”. I was frightened some more and thought whatever my answer, they will pierce the bullet through my head. I said ” Yes”.

The soldiers around us laughed on hearing from one the soldiers who translated my speech. When the soldier was ready to fire the gun , he was stopped by the previous soldier who spoke to me. He came near me and shouted ” Are you a doctor ?”.

I was relieved for some moments and thought if my answer was yes or no they are going to kill me. Even though my voice was trembling in fear I shouted ” Yes i’m a doctor”.

He shouted to his fellow soldiers in his native language and I was forcefully caught by some soldiers and was boarded a army vehicle standing in front of house.I saw that the sun was blocked by huge mix of smoke and clouds. The rain started to drizzle, as the army vehicle was heading towards an unknown location.

I was dropped at an army hospital with some soldiers guarding me to the waiting room of the hospital. The scene , I saw there was heart piercing . So many people are waiting to be redeemed of their wounds and bullets. I was still surrounded by armed soldiers and they took me to an medical officer. They left us , because the doctor ordered them to do so. He then came before me and enquired about me and told to assist the doctors there. I went out to the waiting room , where i saw pain and agony in everyone’s face , an entirely different situation which i was seeing these much days. A relief came as i was safe now. The waiting room gave me a different perspective towards it’s meaning

With Love ,


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This was a story and the characters described here are imaginary.


One thought on “Waiting Room – The place of different emotions

  1. I love the imagery. You have captured the lives of many people in countries of war. I like the part where you talk about the solider laughing at the frightened face of the main character. It just goes to show how desensitized some military members are… and how simple death is to those people…
    People are not objects. I absolutely enjoyed this passage.

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