Redefine your smart phone experience with ZENFONE 2

The manufacturer marketed it as the marvel of beauty and power in the power of our hand , but I would say it as the ” Beast Smartphone to Mankind “. It has the one hell of specification which other smartphone marketers didn’t give the humans and they also offering this specification for the unbelievable price. I would love to say the 5 reasons why people will love to buy this beauty beast in the forthcoming days. Five reasons , is it less ? , but it has it’s own set of excellency out of which , I thought these 5 were out of words that every human on earth was waiting for.

Credits :

ASUS BoostMaster Technology

This is the technology that charges devices much faster than usual speed of a charge that every smartphone charge. With ZenFone 2, this means your battery is juiced up to 60% in no more than 39 minutes. This is one smart move by the ASUS which stands apart from other devices which roll out in the future days. Every manufacturer has to think of an alternative way to beat this technology. In sometime this can be updated to some other technology , but the first to introduce the faster charging was ASUS. This would be in history. So no chance if anyone introduces a better one , So as ASUS.

3000mAh Battery

These days people to be engaged in talks with their loved ones from calls to social media engagements. Social media has become prevalent in these days and every second some millions of messages are passed between millions of people without any hesitation in the internet. So people want to be always engaged for their work , fun , love , etc,. What ASUS has for them and it is a 3000mAh battery which lasts forever from sunrise to sunset. The more our battery is , the more we can work or have with it. People are so concerned about battery drain these days and the best alternative was provided.

Dual Sim, Dual Active

ASUS Dual Active technology paves way for your two sim functions. In the previous days when there were two sim phones , only one can be active and other have to wait if we were on a call on the former. Now this this technology of ASUS provides the way for the seamless transfer between the sim functionalities and also the calls. The technology makes our work easy and this was one super technology introduced in this ASUS Zenfone 2.


The first of a kind in it’s production , ASUS introduces the 4GB RAM in ASUS Zenfone 2. This will be the first phone which has the 4GB RAM. So what we get if we have 4GB RAM , more speed , more fun , more speed, more app usage. This feature will raise the standards of the phone and also it is powered by Intel. One question raises if the RAM is large , the charge would drain faster. If your thought was the former question , you haven’t read the 1st reason. Yes , you too have the option of the fastest charging technology and also the 3000mAh battery which assures in the segment of unlimited usage for a long time.

Full HD 1920×1080

Credits : ASUS INDIA Facebook Page
A full HD 5.5 inch screen so that it is not too big also not too small. The user can hold it with a single and operate. The experience on gaming will be better with a HD screen. Also the large screen give way for the user to have a better skyping or video calling experience with it’s 4G phone. The 4G component also is introduced but , ASUS is not the 1st one to introduce this in the Indian market and also we believe the late coming was to better the user experience and believe you will experience a better technology with this.

Also there was another good news for the ASUS fans , they are in the plan of releasing their powerbanks.

IF you want to know more about Zenfone 2 take a further look on

ASUS – or click here

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