At the doorstep of dreams- I followed my heart not mind

I believe that life is always fun and it is an intoxication and it will surely affect you with lot of fun. Sow the seeds of dreams in the  raw land and reap it whenever you find it the right and have fun. The excitement shall conquer your mind whenever you get a new buzzing gadget in your hands.

Credits : Snapdeal Facebook Page

Whenever you speak with a lot of passionate young technological people , they share more and enlighten us about those techy gadgets and other stuffs. Everyone in this world have friends and to the ultimate fun , everyone has some besties to share and care. I am no exclusion for it and I have a lot of friends and they care for me and vice versa.

During the sophomore time , we as a team decided to visit everyone’s home and spend a day at everyone’s house. Everyone in the group agreed and the plan was decided. There were around 8 and we had the semester holidays for 22 days and the time was much more than to visit each one individually.

We also came down to a conclusion about the travel plan and the stay at each one’s home. The travel started on a quite saturday , since the travel was long and more days we couldn’t hire a vehicle and moreover bike travel can be very hectic too. So we travelled in the bus to all places.

Every place we went were fun and we spent some really useful time with our friends family. The one place which looked different and amazed was the last journey to my my friend Faizi’s home which is at tuticorin , the edge of Tamilnadu which faces the mighty Bay of Bengal and Indian ocean to it’s close.

I have been to tuticorin before for a marriage with my parents , but haven’t spent time seeing the greatness of the city. My friend Muhammed Faizi was the best geek in our group. I found a different scenario in the city , where the city was so calm and even the speaking language has a different slang.

The two days stay at his home was much fun. Faizi’s grandfather came to me and I introduced myself and all my friends to him and he was very happy to see us all. Then everyone planned to go the beach and I was stopped by Faizi’s grandfather to be at home as everyone was eager to see the mighty sea.

I decided to stay at the house and I bid a goodbye to my friends as they would reach back only after several hours. His grandfather , mother and father were there as it was a holiday. So , again I was puzzled why my friend’s grandfather made me to be at the house.

His grandfather came with a parcel in his hand and we both made a walk to their nearby coconut grove. I was again at a puzzled state , ” To give me this parcel he made me not to go with my friends? “. I was in thoughts which boarded my mind what would be there in the parcel.

Snapdeal one
                  Credits : Snapdeal Facebook Page

We sat down under a tree and he told some stories regarding the grove and other stuffs in that village. I am in a great hurry to know about what is in the parcel. He revealed me the secret that his grandson was tech geek and he came to know from the stuffs that your friends talked with his son, That is Faiz’s father. Faizi’s birthday comes very soon , So i thought of giving him a present , So i brought him this gadget. I was moved by his gesture and thought how each old people love their children. He also told me not to reveal this present to him until his birthday and I assured , I will give it on the day.

The days rolled and we went back to our homes after finishing the great round of trip to all our friends home. Soon the college too reopened for it’s next semester. The amazing thing was Faizi’s birthday fell on the next day. So I called all my friends and took the parcel that Faiz’s grandpa gave me. Everyone was puzzled as I was at that time. They all decided to have his treat in a big restaurant in the city to celebrate the treat. I told them that why can’t we celebrate Faizi’s birthday in a orphanage and why can’t we donate those money which we are going to spend on food and other colourful stuffs for something good.

Some friends were against my thoughts and when most of the friends agreed , they too have no other options and later they realized that the moment they were at the spot will change everyone’s life for a second. I took the amount which was collected to buy a gift for Faizi.

As a surprise we took Faizi and other friends to a orphanage near our locality and spent a real worthy birthday. Everyone applauded me for the good thought and I told them ” I followed my heart and not my mind “.

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With Love ,



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