My Dose of Smartphone Experience : En-route Moto E

Blog 1Technology has improved a lot in over the last few decades. One of the best and biggest technological advancements is the creation of smart phone. A smart phone is a device which offers more advanced computing and connectivity than regular mobile devices – in other words, it’s much more than a phone. It’s a piece of equipment, small in size but very powerful. Although smart phones can be used to make and receive phone calls, they have many other features. Smart phones are changing the way people around the world live, work, study, communicate, play, pay and create.

 RISE OF ANDROID – Evolution

No one would deny the fact that android phones created a buzz in the nascent smartphone markets. With the rise of the Android smartphones people were introduced to various new hi tech things which weren’t available until then. It was like all our childhood geek thinking was put on together in a single smartphone.

      Image Credits : Google Images ; ;android

And then with the rise of the smart phone usages, Moto was quick to adapt the tech things and made new ones like Moto G and the Moto E and the success of them with Flipkart making them genuine.

Image Credits : Motorola Facebook Page
Image Credits : Motorola Facebook Page

Everyone wants a smartphone in hands – touch screen mobile to be precise. The nascent smartphone user would be perplexed crazy when he uses them for the first time. The joy that is unbound as the growing technology once considered as costly is now at the float of his hands.

Image Credits : Motorola Facebook Page
            Image Credits : Motorola Facebook Page


Then came the apps. In older Java or Symbian phones, one needs to browse the internet for everything he needs to know. Well, there comes the savior in smartphones in the form of MOBILE APPLICATIONS. For everything and every need you have an application and all you need is an internet connection and to download & install it. Voila!! You need to search a best restaurant for a date there is Zomato, find a way to a location there is Google Maps, Message your favorites there is Whatsapp and what else is not there. You can find applications ranging from Education to Entertainment, Sports to Politics, News and the list goes on.


The main thing that became a hit and still is the handy well developed games. Older java made us boring. So, people sort of wanted to try out real time games in a handy mobile phone rather sitting before their play station or computer. Then came the hit of the Season – the games that hooked the mobile owners along with them. You can now see every children asking for Subway Surfers or Temple run as they are the top games now. These games were quite stress busters and we can play it anytime, anywhere we want. There is no need for systems, PlayStations, cd’s and with only a smartphone we can play it with pleasure.


Smartphones came as a savior for every budding photographer who couldn’t afford to buy a flashy exorbitant DSLR camera. The high clarity cameras attached with the smartphones were able to capture most of the emotions with the budding photographers honing their photography skills. Also people tend to use mobile phones in every function rather than carrying cameras which causes tensions to protect it whenever they carry it. Also modern day selfies were a product of the Smartphone cameras. Thanks to them, Instagram, Facebook, Twitter is flooded with zillions of selfies in the virtual world.


Its great thing for musicians on the go to create foot taping beats, program the music via the apps available and also a tool to learn new musical instruments. The smartphones are also a great tool for learning new languages reducing the need to search for language tutors across our living area as the applications contain A to Z of many world languages.


People nowadays use smartphones even to criticize the unlawful acts and provide their voice over social Medias and the messaging apps spreading their unity to stand against the evil. Smartphones has now become a symbol of unity among people.

Having a smartphone provides us many advantages in the day to day quotidian life. Smartphones were the crucial route through which we are experiencing sophistication in our daily life’s and are an indelible thing. So having the new Moto E to develop those above mentioned things and the android experience which can even be accessed by an man who doesn’t even have pre Android experience is a great thing.

#ChooseToStart – For a change

   Image Credits : Motorola Facebook Page

And Moto E is the just the phone to start with experience of the smartphones with perfect camera, android platform for the apps, music for the buzzing musicians and the music lovers, application developers to think and create new apps and a zillion ways to enthrall our experiences to make life and world a better place to live in.

You are the creator of your own destiny ; So decide what you want to witness in the new Moto E Gen 2 and you can see the features according to your liking and the show is yours. You decide the happenings in the show of the MOTO E.

Catch the new experience of the new MOTO E Gen 2 with all the experiences from the team of creation and from the Head of the Designing Team from Motorola.

I have #ChooseToStart with the New MOTO E Gen 2 smartphone.

With Love,



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