A breakfast with Gupta Family & Cornflakes

We will all have a plan to go visit our family or friend’s house to have lunch and for a change why can’t a breakfast. Usually we tend to eat breakfast in others house when we were a guest to them and if we had to stay with them , we ought to eat breakfast there.

Image credits : https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta/photos/pb.720560137961071.-2207520000.1427179268./1063105387039876/?type=3&theater
Image credits : Kellogg’s Anaaj Ka Naashta Facebook Page

The one thing which , I have found different from today morning is everyone is saying that Guptaji’s breakfast will be yummy and they have decided to visit them for a breakfast it seems. I was puzzled at first , why people are so crazy about the breakfast nowadays.

I also got amusument when people said , gupta’s wife made the breakfast in some minutes without keepping the guest to wait for trheir breakfast. The amusument increased when everyone of their neighbours said the same about the breakfast. Also the other reason for that is , there wil be multiple dishes and the dishes will range upto a century.

This information was a real stunner to me and I thought , I should also visit them for a breakfast to know about the recipe.

The first reason of why , I have to visit Gupta family is to know the secrets behind their recipe and soon I also be a\ble to tell other people about the recipe and it’s greatness. Also the wide range of recipe , which Mrs.Gupta prepares and the hospitality they provide for their guests. The differentiation of the recipe will the ultimate reason for their wide talk and the reason should be known to the world , So if not for any reason , I should visit them for their

                                                 Apple Cinnamon Cornflakes

Image credits : https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta/
Image credits : https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta/

People say that it was the real winner in the breakfast competition rather than the others. But most of them said only this stood extremely well and all the other dishes were not less equal to this and all the other dishes which Mrs.Gupta does is not less when compared to the competition with the other recipe she makes.

The other dish what people mostly spoke is Banana Praline cornflakes which they told is the fastest to make. It’s preparation time is less when compared to the making of noodles. I thought here after whenever a batsmen gets out fast , people will use the meme’s specifying Gupta family’s dish. That will be the unique one about that dish and nothing to worry , I have also learned the dish preparation from one of the family which ahave went to Mr.Gupta house for breakfast.

The dish was so simple that even those who don’t know to cook can make a wonderful dish out of that. The steps follows the conditions that , fill the bowl with cornflakes and add the milk mix and put banana and other chikki and that’s it , you can serve it immediately.

That will be the fastest dish in the history of breakfast making. Also as , I said , I should also learn the tricks behind all the recipe, but it was not at all possible because Mrs.Gupta cannot make all the dishes in one day. So it takes time to know all the dishes.

But you can find all the dishes and how Guptaji’s family prepares them all through the Kellogg’s Facebook page  and also Kellogg’s Youtube page.If you want to check taht withgin a minute , you can by using the video which is provided below.

Kellogg’s Facebook Page : https://www.facebook.com/anaajkanashta

Kellogg’s Youtube Page : https://www.youtube.com/user/kelloggindia

With Love,



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