Together – We stand and win

The proverb which impinged my mind and it would be uttered everywhere , whenever they say about unity.

” United we stand , divided we fall “

There may be circumstances when we will realize that togetherness or a team performance will get ourselves more fruit than the work done by our own. The humans in this world will have more of such instances to share. So , I would like to ask why together and not as a single ? , the answer is so elementary that the joy of doing a work as a team will never come when it is done by our own.

What do I have to say with the above topic ?. Is there anything ?, I was pushing my thinking capability beyond the limits to ensure that I tell the best. The one such occurrence stroked my genius mind and I thought that would be also a tribute I give to my friend and my mentor.

The month of august comes every year without fail so as the important events. One such happening which happens regularly is the placements in every college. If the college has a remarkable accolades to it’s honor then there is no chance that it don;t miss the season of placement without fail. The same situation prevailed in mine too. The long sessions of training from the summer till the date we have the final day for our placements and everlasting practice tests , the sessions for group discussion where the faculty will make everyone to speak of such old topics which where familiar from the olden days. The mock test , interviews will make the student to feel like am I studying his departmental stuffs but the truth is the reverse.

The events will prevail until the end of the year. On one such events one of my dear friend didn’t made an offer with the companies which visited my glorious institution. He was a real motivator for other students in his batch and to the bizarre he couldn’t make it. The reality is he headed a group of students from his department for the placements and was really fed up after this incident. The saddest part which added fuel to the burning situation he also could’t make it in the day two companies which appeared.

This made him to feel much. Me and my friends decided to find a solution for this and we decided to plan the strategies will make him to clear the next firm which comes for the recruitment. I made up mind and called him. I told him that we will go outside for a cup of coffee. He eventually rejected that request.

One fine evening when there was another event of recruitment going on our campus , he was eagerly preparing, but he was not allowed to take part in it as his department was not eligible. My friends will usually help him out , I will also help him out when I find time to so.

So , I called my mentor, who was my department placement coordinator and told him the circumstances and the events. He called my friend and we three went for a coffee break in our college canteen. He was little hesitant to talk to us.My sir asked what prevented him to give his best shot and he broke down to tears. Then he said about the circumstances which he faced in his life and on hearing that me and my friend thought , what problems have we faced greater than that. After hearing that we went for a walk from the canteen to the lawn of the computer science department. The walk lasted for about 30 minutes but usually it would take a 5 minutes walk.

The coffee break would have stirred the mind of my friend. My mentor inspired every second he got with his intruding words and thoughts. Encouragement was over flowing from his side. On reaching the destination my friend told him , “Sir , I don’t know whether these are bad but your encouragement raised my mind to work hard to reach the desired one to get recruited.” My mentor was a real boost to him and encouraged him wherever he saw , usually he will do that with no rewards.

The together plan worked out so well that he cleared the first round of the next firm which visited our college , two days after the coffee break day. He was so happy and went straight to my mentor and told it in exclamation. The one thing which , I have failed to say is my friend doesn’t belong to my department and the mentor differs from department to department.

“The Optimistic belief”

We were from different departments. My mentor wished him and he went for his consecutive rounds and cleared those and got offered. A bit of worry is that , Me and my mentor were not there. He came all the way long from the placement department to the place where we were which was at a farthest distance. We were much delighted to hear on hearing the great news.

The happiness which we got can’t be described in words. The optimism which my mentor propagated to my friend was unbelievable.

Image credits : Brainy Quotes
Image credits : Brainy Quotes

Together we have made a mighty thing and due to that my friend succeeded. The optimism helped him to gain his momentum which he has lost during his tough times and made him to achieve greater things and he started a new career in his life after the college days. My mentor’s motivational optimism was the key to the success which I believe. too uses optimism and look up in their strategies to overcome the hurdles to become the best. If you want to know more about it visit the link provided below.

Image Credits :
Image Credits : – #together

Both my friend and my mentor really played a greater role in my college life. May be I take this opportunity to thank them for that. Without you both I couldn’t think of a better me. Thank you.

With Love,



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