START A NEW LIFE – To reach the desired destination

You get a chance to start new

Change is the only thing that never changes. Everyone will change their stream of life into a convinced path, the reason why they take this most hard decision is because they get a better life whenever they change the path. Not everyone chooses the same path. Everyone will have their own destination and dream and they will get guidance from their relatives and friends and even from their own parents in succeeding their change.The toughest part is in selceting the ultimate change which will give more fruit at the end. People are dare to choose their change with much concentration.

Image credits : facebook page
                                      Image credits : Facebook page

The reason that made me to post this is , to reveal the change which happened in my life. Everyone will be eager to hear others story rather than their own, So I thought it would be a great moment to reveal the instance through this.

Life gives every person in the world an opportunity and those who uses it wisely become the well known. One such instance happens to everyone in their lifetime which is their change over from schooling days to college days. For some it is favorable and for many it is still unfavorable.

The destination what I picked is a college from Coimbatore , the second largest city in the state of Tamil Nadu and also proudly known as the ” Manchester of South India “. I got good scores in my Higher secondary exams and got a good cutoff to pick the one of the outstanding colleges in Tamil Nadu. To the contrary , I have not visited the city since my childhood days and it was the first that i’m travelling to the city to join my undergraduate degree. I hail from the northern part my state and the institution which i’m about to join is on the west.

I’m so proud at that time , because i’m going to be a college student soon. The pleasure when hearing about good reviews about the college in which i’m going to study fascinated me and also the another reason for the allure is about the city. The day came , I thought ” It’s a new start in my life where , I have to prove myself and it’s going to play vital role in my future days ”


The transition was not easy because there were many logic’s and reasons behind that. The foremost which I would tell is the climate of the city which made to shiver like anything and it was the beginning of the winter. The new environment of the hostel , was entirely new to me. The friends who I missed a lot. I missed my family a lot due to the stay in the hostel and also the mess system which was very new to me. The evergreen city with a beautiful climate and so many good people was entirely different from me and the one thing which differentiated the other places from this mighty city is their ascent in their language of Tamil.

Slowly I overcame all these odd things one by one and I was able to manage everything without my family near. I became self working and everything was happening good.

Later on at the last year of my college after it got over, I has to travel to another location in India , which is not at all related to my state. The reason for which , I have to go is for my Job which I have acquired during the campus placements in my college. The best time in my life is spent on a respectful city called Coimbatore which is a pleasant to stay. Life has to move on right. The next transition as a Software pro began in the later months of November last year.

         TRANSITION TO A NEW START IN LIFE – Again for a reason

The fear for a new city and a start over again is not there , as I have learned many things during my last start of a new life in the journey towards success and career. The things which are similar to both the city is the climate and the later city is still worse in the form of winter. The next important thing is that people. I began a new career in my life and I’m leading a life with much happiness and love.

This all happened because of the new start over of my life and the transition from the schooling to college and to work. The start over of life gave positive energy about how to handle life on my own and also the courage to do things by myself. This was the 1st bold step that I took and it brought great rewards and fruit to me.

If I haven’t gone through this phase of my new life , I fear what I could be now and as evryone says the change makes us different.

” As I enter a new phase of life and my circle broadens, I start learning new things. “

                                                                                         –  Kapil Dev

To end the part of my writing ,  loves good changes and also it prompts to change the way housing market goes. It is good to see has made a drastic increase in their business. As said , the best is yet to come from their brand. 

Take a look at what the brand has for you through this video.

I have made my mind to start a new life in the aspect of technology.

With Love,



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