Optimism – Do incredible things with an incredible dream with great lookup

” Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement. Nothing can be done without hope and confidence. ”

– Helen Keller

Optimism means the tendency to look on the most favorable side of events and to wait for the most best outcome. When I saw the post for the first time. I was puzzled what to write for the plot and was really confused. I began to think in a random manner of events which took place in the past. The search for the event was really time engrossing. At last after traversing through a considerable occurrences of events , I decide to write the tale of one everlasting thing.

Image credits : housing.com
Image credits : housing.com

The evergreen days of everyone will be their school or college days , but some will find it odd because they would have found it somewhat uneasy. I had one such event which , I would like to share. The school days in which everyone would like to play and study and would like to do whatever they want. The laugh among the friends , the experiences of the exams , the fun tours , the lab experiments in their higher classes will be a everlasting memory.

During one of the days of the schooling , in the younger days , teachers would be so caring over the students for their handwriting , because the fate of the student lies in the hands of their own. During that period my handwriting will not be that much good. The teachers will be insisting me to change the way , I write. The reality is however the reverse side and I was not able to make a changeover . This affected me badly in my studies and still the teachers were demanding the same.

However my botany staff was too stubborn on the handwriting on his students. He had a thought that the student with the best handwriting is the most studious in the class. This was a great drawback for me and during the exams this became a real obstacle for me to score marks in that particular subject. We will also be having classwork note which has to be written and whenever my turn comes for the correction , I will usually get a poor remarks in the notebook , while the one with best handwriting’s will be awarded with a excellent remark.

I thought that i must not give up and when everyone said negatively about it , I thought it as my positive. The worst part of the scene is , the botany staff is also my class teacher for that year. During the Parent-Teacher meeting at the end of every mid-yearly exams , the criticism he will be giving to my parents will be about my handwriting. When my parents see the progress report , the marks in botany will be moderate and above average , while the case in other subjects will be a very good marks in the range of distinction.

Image Credits : google images
Image Credits : google images : wikihow

The fate of handwriting followed me to the end of the year and I missed the best student position for my class. The following year was so unfortunate that the same staff was allocated for botany again for my ninth standard too. The events which , I have said above remains the same on that year too with the exception is that , the botany staff was not my class teacher. I was relieved in a way and even my parents too. Everything was same execept PT meeting too.

Another year of study came and I was prompted to my tenth standard and I was very that ” Who would be the botany staff ? ” and I got a big relief when I saw a different staff for that period of my study.

                              ” Who dares , Win “

I thought that I should make a difference and saw the other side of my handwriting and made an awe to change it. I tried to the best and change it in a different one. But, my parents and friends told that it was still the same . The Board exams arrived and the first word everyone uttered to me was write neatly in a good handwiting , only then you will get good marks. The other thing which I had to mention is that the best student with more marks will get a high respect in my locality.

The important board exams started and I finished all the exams with the hope that , I have written every exam good. Wile writing , I never had the thought about my handwriting and all I was concerned was the time . When everyone told a friend from the “A” section whose name started with “A” , a mere coincidence , will top the board exams because , he had the exceptional handwriting in our standard of study.

I believed in my handwriting and you will not believe , the student from the “C” section whose name starts with “J” got the first mark in the school. When everyone was celebrating about their high scores , they also wondered and puzzled “How this guy got first ?” . When everyone saw the glass as half empty and even my botany staff , who took class for two consecutive year, I believed that the glass contained half full of water and that water that was in the glass of me was my handwriting. Still many tells random reasons for my success, I wish that they never questioned my way of handwriting.

                     “Throw your weakness and believe in your strength”

The look up portrayed my success and pushed me to go beyond the limits and reminded me every time that the reach of the success is within my reach and not far away. The look of ours will determine everything from victory to our defeat. So look up for a bright future with a optimistic look up and an incredible dream.

If you wish to look what housing.com has there to tell about their look up for optimism. Please visit the below link. I’m sure you will be amazed by their way of optimism.


With love,



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