The topic “The World Remade” has stirred many thoughts in me. I, the creator of a new world, itself an amazing thought and I wish it could be true. I am not a JRR Tolkien or a JK Rowling to create mystic creatures and fantasy worlds but a mediocre human being of the modern world with perpetual wishes for myself. After all it’s the small wishes that decide our goal in the future.

As others, I couldn’t resist using the mobile phones as it has become an integral part of every human’s life. Mobile phones are aparamount thing which was initially aimed for communicating with the others on a wireless basis. But who on the world had thoughts that it would become an indelible thing of the day to day life. Chat with whatsapp, take a selfie, browse over the internet, check notifications of facebook, tweet via twitter, and world news at our hands, what else can’t be done using mobile phones. The Internet on the other hand has brought the whole world to our hands.

To our bizarre thinking no one would have thought that mobile phones would evolve on a rapid pace and create a revolution in the Mobile Phone market. Thanks to Apple, Nokia and the other mobile phone giants who took their valid time in introducing latest technologies to the world. The apps in the mobile phones make our work easier be it a tracking app for our daily exercise schedule, stick notes, online music streaming facilities, online restaurant searching portals, booking tickets,etc.,

Yes I accept the fact that mobile phones are enduring things which cannot be set aside in our quotidian lives. But on the other hand one can’t deny the fact that mobile phones have reached a place far beyond their purposes. Yes all I need is a



My thought may be menacing one, but the thoughts that haunt me are that they have consumed lot of our attention during the recent times. Let me explain what my world free of mobile phones will benefit you:

  1. We will spend some good amount of time with our family rather than copy pasting some cinematic statuses or tweets and chatting with virtual strangers.
  2. I don’t stand for the total abolishment, but the correct usage of the phone and if we use it, most of precious time can be used to learn many better things.
  3. Remove the headsets while going on a jog or exercise and hear the nature speak its beautiful language.
  4. Shall express our thoughts freely and be frank rather than faking our speeches in the virtual world.
  5. Mobile phones and apps such as Skype may have brought us our distant relations and friends shorter via communication but the thought of meeting them once in a while has lost its importance through this.
  6. Reading habit has been lost (literally) with the emergence of internet. It’s evident from the plummeting of book sales in the recent time. Open a new book and smelling it, reading takes us to a new world.
  7. Existence of multiple mobile phone towers has been a major reason for the plummeting population of birds in the metropolitan cities and towns. It affects the bio-diversity, food cycle and the law of nature.
  8. We miss the early sound of the cocks which were used an alarm in the early days. (I do hate my alarm tone).

So my thought may be a radical one, a menacing change but to the fact that it can bring a mass change in the habits of the people, I don’t think that’s a trifle one. I am mediocre youth of this country and I want to be practical and not to sow some fantasy thoughts and I don’t need anyone hassle around it. Less mobile times give more free time and that’s what the need of the day is ultimately.

I am participating in the #TheWorldRemade activity at BlogAdda in association with India Today #Conclave15

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