Mankind still exist – Really ?

I would usually hear people use the above phrase in many languages at time they get frustrated . The other phrase people still use is ” God , Are you there ? ” and mostly this will be still more harsher when people are in their worst stage of their life .

I usually have a question to those people , ” Have you ever thought that , the troubles you face and the hardship you face were to strengthen you ? “. Still you may think that ” The troubles we face cannot be described in words ” and so many others yet to come.

But My thought to those who say the above phrases is , ” GOD the Ultimate ” has blessed people with a beautiful voice and a great mind to think this . You can say , everyone says this one and you are not different from them. Even I used the above phrases many times and stopped reluctantly after I came across two persons.

Eventually people would inhibit the habits from their parents and try to change after sometime when they grow up. Also at the same time we will be inspired by someone the most. I would like to elaborate the further passages about them.

We feel that someone should add the flavors of aroma in our coffee with not believing in ourselves. It is the human nature.

The story  which stroked in my mind suddenly is ” Have you ever seen rain in a dessert ? ” . The answer I got from one of those enlightened people is ” Yes and The ultimate is like that Rain who showers his blessings on the dessert ( people ) . ”

Why should I talk about them now , any reason for that ?. Yes it is there. The hardships they faced and how they overcame it. It is also about their will power and the pure act of forgiveness.

Let’s see the similarities they hold in common :

They are into the same profession

They are from the same place

They reside in a place in Tamil Nadu

They worship God and Not atheist

They inspired many persons.

They both can sing and play instruments.

They ought to be a human resource professionals but turned down the offer.

They left their profession at the same time and changed their stream of work .

About 1st enlightened person

The hardships he faced in the years of his profession made me to think the famous dialogue from the movie , ” 3 Idiots ” stating ” Life is a race ” . He was the silent person , I have ever seen in my life and the most blessed one. He was questioned by many because he was the best and he doesn’t tell lies to make things happen. Who would ever leave a man like him . He was crushed unlimited times with heavy burden of works, apart from his regular work and you will not believe rather than that he will accept that with a laugh. He will always tell , there is a man above me who will see all these things and why should I worry.

About the 2nd enlightened person

The person who will take life easy and know for his hard work . What is the specialty ? A question would have arisen on your mind. The answer is ” If you work with him and you will feel that ” I am blessed to have been with him ” “. He will work so hard that if the work which he is doing will tell him ” Please take some rest ” if God provide the work with a magical voice like we see in the films . The work he does will not me be even matched by another person. He hardly takes leave and he lead a team, who loved them the most. The best performer in his work . He will be always busy doing some work . Moreover the love he showed to his fellow humans , the word ” chance less ” is not enough.

The Final Verdict 

Yes it has a relevance to the above said one. They were forced to leave the things they loved the most. Why ? , the reason is simple , ” vengeance ” . The poison spread from one to one and to everyone and there was only those two without that and they tried to inculcate them and they neglected and they came out that.

To say the last few words :

        ” Every Sulaimani needs a bit of Mohabbat in it.”
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They added the flavor of peace , determination , hard work and love within me. If you want to meet the persons who could change your life ” Go and find them ” . They can be anyone who can be a Rain in the dessert on the way of passage of your mighty life.

Writing ,

John Corlos


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