Half GirlFriend by Chetan Bhagat – Book Review

I was pleased to have the latest release of Chetan Bhagat’s novel “HALF GIRLFRIEND”, which was delivered to me at the earliest. I was puzzled by the excitement that came once the announcement for the pre-order of this book has been seen decorating the first page of a leading daily, partnering with a popular e-commerce site. Well, I got the book for a much lower price on a offer from another e-commerce site and was delivered the next day to my amusement.

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I am not a great fan of Chetan Bhagat, but I respect him for the fact that he was man behind making many Indians a reading habit. “I read the novels of Chetan Bhagat and I am great fan of him”  seems to be much of a repeated words among youths these days. As for the fact that three of his novels has been adapted as movies in Bollywood, his reach is so popular.

So I sat on a fine evening with the new book I was delivered with no expectations. The story is rather simple. A boy named Madhav Jha who is bad in English is in love with a rich girl Riya Somani from Delhi, when he met her during college admission in St,Stephens, New Delhi. They both play basketball in-common (From which one can assume they became friends). Madhav Jha wants her to be his girlfriend. But Riya agrees to be his half girlfriend. How they get united forms the crux of the story.

I don’t want to reveal any spoilers  for readers yet to read the book. To be precise, the book seems to be a masala Indian movie. It has all the essence to be made into a perfect masala movie (There are plans going on to make this book into a movie) like the protagonist goes in search of her love to a distant land without a knowledge of where she is, mother who doesn’t want her son to love a rich girl, Drinking. The narration is quite simpler and we can still guess whats been coming next. It contains friendship, love, dedication, etc., but doesn’t seems to impress and engaging. I finished this book in a single sit, doesn’t consuming much time.

So grab a copy if you are a fan of Chetan Bhagat.

Details ,

Title                 : Half Girlfriend

Language       : English

Genre             : Romance

Publisher       : Rupa & Co.

ISBN               : 978-81-291-3572-8

Rating            : 3/5

Source           : Own buy @ an e-commerce site

Verdict           : Strictly for CB fans .


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