All smartphones lead to Social media

‘Social Media on Mobile Vs Web – How has it impacted your life?’

Well the title may sound like it’s ripped off from a famous proverb but no one can deny the fact. I am sure. Internet usage particularly usage of social medias has become a quotidian thing in our daily lives.

My first remembrance of using social media is during school days when Orkut was the potentate in Social Media before nascent Facebook. Like everyone else I opened an account in Orkut, enjoyed having one. The testimonials, the messages, curiously opening Orkut to see if our friends are there.

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Then Facebook adorned the throne as the King of Social Media with Orkut plummeting. By then every youth of the nation must have attained the level of college and switched over to Facebook, LinkedIn and Twitter. Everyone who wants to gain attention started posting contents. There was no to succumb your thoughts or posts and rather you would get a frenzy crowd with the same mindset and Voila !!

    Social Media crept into our minds successfully.

With that began the era of Smartphones that was a caprice to the Indian Technology. Computers cannot be used everywhere so the usage of smartphones became much popular than its counterparts the basic mobile phones. Higher configurations with lowest prices, Latest technology imbibed within and all the activities done in computer are possible with a smartphone. And what else the sales of mobile phones went soaring in the market pushing all manufacturers of mobile to produce smartphones.

Various models, Different configurations and there is Social Media in everything. Though various are user friendly made our lives simpler, people tend to use social media more. There came Whatsapp and demolishing the needs to recharge every month for messages pack. Skype became available on mobiles and there are so many apps.

We see a movie; go to a place, read a book? Go to Facebook , Update Status

“Watching Movie, Listening to, Reading Book, Feeling Happy, Feeling Determined, so and so”

You want to get noticed. Update statuses on the current scenario, click a super cool picture of yours and make it as a profile picture, comment on cricket matches or support your favorite movie stars. Also to find a plethora of friends and widen the friendship circle.

Twitter is totally different from these. All the tweets within 140 characters was like a challenge. People started using it when they found various superstars and celebrities were using it. You tweet, use a hashtag to trend something and feel proud to be a part of it. With this came the trend of Instagram. People started sharing their photographs on Instagram and were able to be followed by so many people. Instagram became a fashionista social media. The photos there define your fashion style.

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And all these in the tip of your fingers via your cute little smartphone. We can watch thousands of people with their heads looking over the smartphones while on road walking. What better example do one need for justifying the use of smartphones? Also the growth of smartphones and the social media are at an ginormous level that even political parties are throwing their attention towards them. Soon there will be a day where social media will play an important role in Politics too.

Knowing the breaking news, to debating or arguing on some issues via comments, expressing our thoughts via statuses, tweets, photos via the social medias has given us the freedom of expression of our thoughts with us. True to the fact that Smartphones are responsible for this kinda social media revolution in India with many companies focusing social media promotions for their products.

As far thoughts anything within control never takes any negative effects. May be the social medias may be the order of the future but we have to accept the fact about the negatives of it and clearing them. Over usage of anything leads to diverged feelings often.

So its in our hands to use the social medias properly and with utmost care that seeing us the younger generations will also soon take up the habit.

“I am participating in the #SMWBangalore activity at BlogAdda in association with Social Media Week Bangalore“.

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This post won the Dell Venue 7 tablet , and also acknowledged the top post in that category. I’m happy to say that , this was the 1st post , I have entered for a contest in blogadda and I have won it. Thanks Dell for the awesome Tablet.

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  1. Yes machi… valentine day celebrate panradhu crct’ah thappa’nu oru blog podu machi.. enaku rmba useful’ah irukum.

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