When was the last time you did something for the first time ?

        Most of the time,we don’t like suggestions from others.The reason is that we are aware of what is right.We all need occasional reminders to remember what we have missed . In some point in life,we will cherish the moments that we will remember.These are the circumstances that I want to remind u,so that you will not forgot and get the chance to rewind it .


        Read books,because reading has been greatly decreased due to invention of latest technologies.The usage of mobile phones where people don’t find time to read,instead they are busy with texting or calling or with the latest addiction Whatsapp.Reading books divert your mind from everything at least to some extent .If you are not a reader or not even a occasional reader ; give it a try .You will learn a lot while reading . Just give it a try but only physical reading on books and not e-books .


        Laugh louder or Laugh it loud. You can’t keep laughing or smiling all day long. Nowadays we are not smiling but using a smiley to tell our joy and laughter. Physical laugh is missing in people all the days. Smileys have made every emotions to be displayed within the touch of a screen. Simple and easy. Every smiley depicts the emotions of various reactions. Actually it reduces the efforts. So laugh it loud.

Spend time with your friends

        Time has changed for the same reason of technology. Time has flied so faster that people use Skype to talk with their friends who are nearer within a reach of a walk. Spend your valuable time with your dearest friends so that you won’t rewind some time back. Cherish the best moments of your lifetime with your friends at least once in a month and feel the tensions fly high and surely you will realize that those time which you have spent with your friends will be the one that you remember to be the most good one and a life long cherished event and the most peaceful days. I do accept that Whatsapp, Viber, Hike,Skype are equally important but it’s different and really greater than the talk in a meeting of friends. A roadside talk or a playground meeting of friends talk satisfaction will never come in a group chat in any of those app talks.

Take a walk

When was the last time you went for a long walk ? I know that was a hypothetical question nowadays. We will be frustrated at times when we are forced to walk due to some unavoidable reasons. Try a walk for some distance with your loved ones and you will for sure feel the change. I know it’s too hard but give a try.

Wander without a smartphone

        This must be the most difficult thing people can experience. Without a smartphone that too without a GPS. Till the time when we are without a smartphone all we know is to roam to friends house or roam elsewhere , any place which come to the mind or go for the park ( which is common in Neyveli). Whenever this happens or if it had happened , these must be the happiest moment in everybody’s life.

        I hope that this writing will not be accepted by many because smartphones and technology play a vital part in everyone’s life where these points will fail even though it has some great values if it is implemented. I hope that many would have thinked on these aspects and this is not a great ideas but these are very simple things that people around us and even we have forgotten to practice in these days.Consider this to be a changing moment and everything needs a start so take it as a start from now on and if you like it ;

Go “ Do something new for others for the first time  

Note : This article was written for http://iloveneyveli.blogspot.in/ by me

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