Congrats – Friends

At last a bit of relief from my side when I heard phone calls of all my beloved juniors(friends) calling me and all my team to tell about their victory . Still there are a few who are waiting to get their victory. I wish all the friends who got their victories in their war which lasted some 4-5 months . A sigh of relief from all your usual works, take a breathe from this atmosphere , also enjoy your holiday season. Do help you fellow friends in their battle because friendship is something which you will never get when you lose. Never lose your hope, although it will make us to feel for some period , do gain more confidence that this is an obstacle and when you gain it, nobody can stop you from winning.

Advising others is not advisable because even I don’t like advises, even then I advice others at some instances. Celebrations will be there. I missed the ultimate celebrations, yet will join you in some of the celebrations in the near future . I’m waiting for the day. Again the days of old classes will be back with projects, records, observations, labs, internals, semester exams. Take into notice of all these things.

All feared at some point but now everyone has become some sort of genius because they have achieved some real big things which some others have failed. Fear has been removed off from their mind ( I think so ) . Still i’m eagerly waiting for some of my other brothers and sisters who will achieve their things in near future. These days will be a frustrating one. Lot of expectations and efforts is not in vain , if you determined to win .

A big congrats to all , you all made your parents proud and also your staffs. Really happy that I was also a part of all your hard works and for every effort you have made it’s all your determination which reaped fruits .


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