The failure of Engineering

Greetings Readers ,

                                  The post i’m writing here is about the present unemployable situation prevailing in this fanatic country which boasts of MN C’s job as the greatest 🙂 . A real laugh will occur when someone tells U that he is good in Computer Languages but very weak in his department subjects. I still wonder why Anna University is not including it in all departments ???


In Tamil Nadu the situation which prevails is a 11th standard boy will not be studying his subjects . He will encrypted to study the 12th subjects from 11th std for about 18 nmonths and he will be writing his Public Exams . Even though something fails in his instincts and he will be choosing a college of he never thought he would study in his life . He would have never heard of that college before . Ask a student from Tamil Nadu who resides in a city other than Chennai and Coimbatore “Which college U want to study ?” . His reply would be probably ” Anna University ” or ” Whichever college I get “. The situation prevailing in the 1st year is that he doesn’t even know what he is studying .

"The place where evryone wants to study "
“The place where evryone wants to study “

The three years will roll out in a mere seconds of time and he would be put in the boiling water of PLACEMENTS in the final year. Mostly the classes will not be there and he will be attending all the classes starting from aptitude to soft skills.(Speaking too much is strictly prohibited bcoz i’ve been there ) . The 1st company will not yield fruits for his works. From then on the frustration of a Common Man starts. Company by Company he will made to get more frustration if he didn’t get a offer .

On Day One

The main scene opens on the Day of DAY ONE in college. If there is only one firm visiting the college (Paiyan Sethan). He would have been made to write tests in a random process. These test were called as practice tests. The guy gets a offer in a MNC and he will be praised all over. He would have thought  all is over .


When he comes to home on the day he finishes the college Everyone in the city from newspaper boy to neighborhoods would enquire “Have U got any jobs from placement in college ? ” or it would be ” College is over then what is ur plan ? ”  If he has got any jobs he would be the luckiest person to tell “I have got offer from a TOP MNC ” ( Why not to mention a company which gave u a job ?) Here is the reason ” Oh that MNC will not call for two years ” .

On getting a JOB
On getting a JOB

Now coming on to the reverse chronology of the last seen incident . If a guy didn’t any offers from his college placements, the people will tell that “You would have tried some more harder . You would have not tried . That’s why you are not offered ? “.

வேலை இல்லா பட்டதாரி
வேலை இல்லா பட்டதாரி

                                The third part is comparing with others. Mostly this happens in every house . The house which doesn’t have comparison is really a blessed home in this universe ( I think it does not exist) .


Test’s decide your life in this State. From 10th , 12th , UG , GATE ,GRE , CAT , MAT , GMAT , CLAT , CEED , IIT JEE , AIEEE and the tests to join different college ( AMRITHA , VIT , SRM and so on ). Even I heard that in my hometown now there is trend that even a school student of 8th standard has to take a test to join a Mathematics tuition and the mathematics staff will take the students will be taking students based on the top hierarchial score of the students .  (Intuition says நல்லா படிக்கிறவன் எதுக்கு எக்ஸ்‌ட்ரா க்லாஸ் வாரான் ???? ) .


After all a BE graduate is taking so many Test !!!!

( To Be Continued…… )


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